Back at it in July: Summer fun movies!

After a break, I am ready to spoil some more movies!!  June was hot, but July is going to be crazy hot, well at least on this blog!  July’s theme is “Summer Fun” movies.  I am going to watch and review, well spoil, movies about summer break.  There is actually a lot of movies that delve into this complicated topic, okay, not so complicated.  But, to be fair, a lot can happen over the summer.  You could find a dead guy or get boobs!  Both very traumatic.

The movies that may, or may not, be spoiled in July are as follows:

The Seven year itch; Summer rental; Now & then; Moonrise Kingdom; Taking woodstock; Monte Carlo; Dirty dancing; Jaws; The sisterhood of the traveling pants….

This a quick list, which may change depending on my watching needs.

Keep your eyes glued here for a nice summer fun movie spoil session!!




Author: kristaskene

A movie, book, and music lover. I love to offer my, hopefully witty, and always sarcastic thoughts.

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