I married a witch

I married a witch (1942, Rene Clair)


A beautiful 17th-century witch returns to life to plague politician Wallace Wooley, descendant of her persecutor.

I married a witch is a fun movie!  The basic premise is that Puritans burn a witch, Jennifer (Veronica Lake) and her father at the stake.  An oak tree is planted in the spot where their ashes are buried in order to keep their spirits from getting out and wreaking havoc.  Before Jennifer was burned she cursed the man and his descendants to be unhappy in love.  The movie starts with following the man’s family, the Wooley’s, through the ages portraying all of the men unhappy in their love life.

The present day Wallace Wooley is also unhappy with his fiance.  He is running for governor.  The tree that the witch and her father are buried under is struck by lightning, which breaks the tree and releases the witches.  They hatch a plan to make Wallace fall in love with Jennifer.

What is interesting is that this movie was the inspiration for the television show Bewitched.  I have seen every episode of Bewitched, and I can see how this movie would spark some inspiration.  It is an interesting idea.  I must admit, the effects in this movie are a lot better than Bewitched.  You could always see the string that was moving the things that Samantha had bewitched.

In order to do a spell to get Jennifer a body, (and what a body it is!), he needs fire, so he burns down the ‘Pilgrim Hotel’.  Isn’t it ironic, don’t you think?

Wallace saves Jennifer and she ends up following him everywhere.  She ends up in his bed at the end of the night.  He stays up all night talking about romantic crap with Jennifer.  He somehow falls for her.  He becomes such a knit wit!  The chick, who is a total fucking bitch, shows up and is super bitchy.  I get that he is cursed and everything, but like, this chick sucks!  Jennifer gets really mad when she finds out Wallace is getting married in two hours.

I really like that Jennifer is upset because she couldn’t make Wallace love her in one night.  Girl, it is gonna take awhile.  He already has a bitch that is mean and yells at him.  She makes a potion, with the help of her father, that will make Wallace love her.  Yeah, okay.  Beef!  Make a pot roast, trust me, he will not be able to resist you!

In a strange turn of events, a picture falls on Jennifer’s head and she accidentally drinks the potion thinking it was water.  Now she is in love with Wallace!  Crazy!

Jennifer’s father shows up in a body that he somehow got a hold of.  She asks for his help, and he says that he has a plan.  They go to the Wallace’s wedding.  So far, so good.  The plan that her father has involves Wallace shooting him.  Apparently, his plan is that Wallace will kill him and then be tried for his murder, and end up in the electric chair.  Well, okay.  That is a weird plan.  Turns out he is not really into his daughter being in love with Wallace.  Makes sense, it was Wallace’s ancestor that had him killed.  Jennifer threatens to tell Wallace that she is a witch, so her father comes back to life.  Normal wedding day.  And then he fucks off.  Good riddance!

Jennifer pretends to be dead.  Wallace thinks that she has killed herself, when he finds her he proclaims that he loves her.  While they are kissing his fiance walks in and catches them.  She breaks up with him in her normal bitchy fashion.

Wallace and Jennifer are now in love.  Her father while in jail, (he gets arrested after he falls out of a window and the cops think he is drunk), vows to get back at his daughter and her new beau.  Wallace and Jennifer drive out of state and stop at a house that just happens to be a bed and breakfast that is run by a justice of the peace.  Jennifer gets freaked out when the bed and breakfast owner’s wife talks to her about all of the children she will have with Wallace.  Jennifer decides that she has to tell Wallace that she is a witch.  He takes it really well.  He of course does not believe her.  She is talking crazy!

In the end, Jennifer and Wallace live happily ever after!  Well, after she is turned back into smoke by her father and loses her witchy powers, but then traps him in a bottle and returns to her human body.  Typical love story.

To be honest, this movie is delightful.  It is a fun watch, and feels like a long episode of Bewitched.

I married a witch receives 4 drunk witch fathers stuck in a bottle out a possible 5.


Author: kristaskene

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