Killers from Space (hosted by Elvira)

Killers from Space (1954, W. Lee Wilder)


An atomic scientist claims he was abducted by aliens after being injured in a plane crash.

Here is another crappy horror movie hosted by my favourite gal, Elvira!

The movie opens with two army dudes checking out a supposed “fireball” after dropping a nuclear bomb.  Their plane crashes mysteriously.  Both dudes are assumed to be dead, even though they cannot find the bodies.

The special effects in this movie are awful…ly good!  It is from ’54, they did the “best” with what they had.  I guess.

The one dude, who is a doctor, ends up walking back from the plane crash.  He has a weirdo-rama scare that apparently is from an operation, even though he has never had one.  Strange!  My guess, aliens.  The trained army personnel think it is one of two scenarios: the dude has mentally blocked out what happened, or he is an imposter.  Sure.  Of course, they finger print him and realize he is the real dude.  Science!

The dude’s wife shows up to take him home.  She is told to make sure he does not do anything that will upset him.  Bridge, movies, and drives are okayed by the army sergeant guy.  Of course, the dude wakes up in the middle of the night, calls the base and asks about whether any nuclear tests are planned.  He is told that he can’t be told.  He gets upset.  His wife kisses him, and I assume they do it?  He goes to put the coffee on and finds the paper, which says that another atom bomb has exploded.  He loses it and goes to the base to raise some hell.  He does not raise much hell.

The premise of this movie is not bad, it is obviously crazy, but the X-files would, or maybe they did, do it justice.  This movie is just all around bad!  The acting is horrendous.  The way the story line is played out is really dumb.  Did they do any medical testing on this guy?  How the hell did he get that scar?  How did he get back to the base?  What happened to the other guy?  Seriously, there are a lot of important questions not being answered!  The FBI shows up to get some answers about who broke into a vault with files in it.  They figure out it was the dude because of some tobacco that was found on the floor of the vault.  Nothing is missing from the vault.  Who the fuck cares about the vault!!!  There is a dude walking around who was obviously operated on by some fucking aliens!!!  I think that is a pretty big deal, U.S. army!!!

The dude is found placing a piece of paper under a rock.  Yep, you read that right.  He runs away, and drives away in his car.  There are some major holes in this plot.  Actually, it is better to say that there is very little plot.  Why did they make this dumb movie!!  The army is now searching for the dude, who keeps seeing eyes(?) everywhere.  He gets into a car accident.  While in the hospital he keeps talking about how “they are here to destroy us, and they will kill us!”  Uh, guys, that is the aliens he is talking about.  Listen!!  They give him a truth shot to get some answers out of him.  Obviously, he is going to talk about aliens, BECAUSE HE WAS ABDUCTED BY ALIENS!!

He does talk about the aliens performing surgery on him.  They have really big, weirdo eyes.  To me, they just look like some guys dressed up, but apparently they are aliens.


They speak all languages and have been in a cave since the army started their nuclear fission experiments.  They have been collecting the radiation.  Great!  They understand calculus and chemistry.  Why wouldn’t they just steal the nuclear stuff.  Apparently their eyes began to get bigger because it is dark all of the time on their planet now.  The vegetation and stuff was dying, and then they had to take over another planet.  They are scoping out planet earth for their new home.

The dude finds out that he was revived by the aliens.  That is why he has that scar on his chest.  They did heart surgery?  You would think he would be a little banged up.  Or like, would hurt after.  They must have some cool medical technology.  It is too bad they could not fix those creepy ass eyes.  Or at least develop glasses, or, I don’t know, maybe turn a fucking lamp on?  It really does not make sense why their eyes would get bigger.  Whoever wrote this movie does not understand how eyes work.  I guess eyes and evolution are very different on their planet.

The dude gets locked in the cave and has to fight a bunch of big bugs and reptiles.  Classic things that aliens do to prisoners.  He really should have seen this coming.  This scene was wayyyyy too long, that being said, this movie was wayyyyy too long as well.


Here is one of the big reptiles.  Pretty scary, eh?

Okay, so the alien guy tells the dude that the big bugs and reptiles were developed to kill all of the humans, which they will then kill with gamma rays.  Their bodies will fertilize the soil and vegetation will grow.  Good plan.  Don’t worry, they hypnotize the dude, although once under the truth drug he tells them everything.

Okay, so in the end he cuts the electricity for ten seconds, which causes the aliens and their stuff to blow up, therefore saving the planet.  Sure.

I would love to say that you should watch this movie just for a good laugh, but I can’t.  Just stay away from it.  Trust me.  Not worth it.

Killers from Space receives 1 huge set of human-eating bugs that will fertilize the soil, but can be killed by gamma rays out of a possible 5.




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