The dead girl

The dead girl (2006, Karen Moncrieff)


The clues to a young woman’s death come together as the lives of seemingly unrelated people begin to intersect.

‘The dead girl’ has been on my to-watch list for a long time.  For some reason I just kept passing it by.  Toni Collette plays Arden, who finds a dead girl.  Arden is shy, quiet, and has an overbearing person bossing her around, just like every other movie she is in.  Her mom, played by Piper Laurie, is a total bitch.  You start to wish she was the dead girl.  Seriously.

Giovanni Ribisi plays Rudy.  He is so great at playing adorably, pathetic characters.  Rudy seems to be really into serial killers, like, maybe too into serial killers.  He says some super creepy shit.  Especially on a first date.  Of course, Arden is totally into it, because face it, Toni Collette only plays really weirdo-rama, pathetic characters.  It is her specialty.

I will admit, even though you see the dead girl in the first scene, this movie moves pretty slow.  There is a really strange thing going on between Rudy and Arden.  She gets into a fight with her mom, packs a bag and leaves, and then wants Rudy to tie her up and have sex with her.  I figured this movie would be dark, but I was not sure if I really wanted to proceed.

Rose Byrne plays a girl who sister is missing for fifteen years, and her mom is not coming to terms with it.  James Franco plays a geek.  Rose is doing the work up of the dead girl and discovers that it is her missing sister.  What a co-winky-dink!  Of course, her mother is not convinced.  Franco is totally into Rose.  But then, it turns out that the dead girl is not her sister.  Bummer?  For Rose it is.  She was happy to have some closure.  She needs a holiday, or at least a massage.  It is tough to watch Rose Byrne cry so much!

The wife of a guy who owns a bunch of storage units becomes suspicious of him when he leaves and she has to take care of the business.  She finds women’s clothing and the i.d. of a missing woman.  It looks like he has been doing some bad stuff.  The scene of her getting his t.v. dinner is probably one of the saddest and most pathetic scenes of all time.  She gathers up all of the stuff she found in the unit and does not go to the cops!  Instead she burns it all.  I am not sure if I could do that.  My husband is a pretty nice guy, but I would not be helping him cover up a bunch of murders.  Especially, if I didn’t actually help with the murder part.  Sorry honey, you are on your own.

Marcia Gay Harden plays the mother of the dead girl, Krista, (hey! that’s my name), played by Brittany Murphy.  Murphy, unfortunately is a dead girl now.  It is sad, and I always forget that she died.  I liked a lot of her movies.  Except for ‘Spun’.  That movie creeped me out.  Kerry Washington plays, Rosetta, Krista’s roommate.  Krista’s mother goes to her old “apartment” to see what it looked like, and tries to get information out of Rosetta.  She tells her that Krista’s stepfather used to sexually abuse her and that is why she ran away.  While at lunch after, she learns that Krista had a child.  Rosetta takes mom to where the child is, and looks super uncomfortable.  Luckily, mom has a lot of cash on her and is able to buy the child.  Rosetta says that she would have taken care of the child, but she had no means to take care of her.  The women bond over the loss of Krista, and mom offers for Rosetta to come and stay with her.  Rosetta says no, but takes mom’s address.  Maybe they can be pen pals.  That would be nice.

Brittany looks super fucked up in this movie.  Like, maybe she did too much research for the role.  I hate her voice in this movie.  I loved her cute little accent.  No cute accent in this movie!  She finds Rosetta at their apartment, who has been beaten up.  Krista borrows a bike and then goes to fuck up the guy’s car, who then catches her and she kicks the shit out of him.  You go, gurl!!  The bike breaks down and the storage unit owner picks her up.  Yikes!  It doesn’t show him killing her, just ends with her talking about how much she loves her daughter.  It is bittersweet, knowing that she dies, but that her daughter is being taken care of by her mom.

I think that if you like Stephen King, you would like this movie.  I like the way that it had twists, and you were never really sure what would happen next.  It reminded me of a Stephen King short story I read, A good marriage.  To be honest, I really liked this movie!  I think it was really well done.  I liked the way it was laid out, with different scenes that all lead to what happened to Krista, the dead girl.

Quotable: “Every now and again I like to be around someone who is not dead.”  Don’t we all!

The dead girl receives 4.5 dead girls named Krista out of a possible 5.


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