House on haunted hill (the original)

House on haunted hill (1959, William Castle)


A millionaire offers ten thousand dollars to five people who agree to be locked in a large, spooky, rented house overnight with him and his wife.

Vincent Price!!!  I love this movie, and I will admit that I am cheating; I have seen this movie before.  Vincent, I am sure if we had of met he would have insisted I call him by his first name, plays a millionaire who throws a “party”, in which he invites five people to stay in a haunted house.  If the people are able to stay overnight they will each receive ten thousand dollars.  One of the guests is Watson Prichard who knows the history of the house, and all of the disgusting details of the murders.  The murders were crazy!  A husband killed his wife by pushing her into a vat of acid, which is still there!  You would think a house inspector would not be okay with that, but then again this is the 50’s, doctors recommended smoking, a vat of acid might have been a normal part of a house, like a dishwasher.

Vincent and his wife are exactly what me and my husband will be like in ten years.  Sarcastic, not-so-blatant hate, and poisoning, heck, maybe five years!  Vincent’s wife is a strange lady.  She definitely does not trust her husband.  And he doesn’t seem to trust her either.

No one wants to believe that the house is haunted, but spooky things keep happening that say otherwise.  There is a creepy ass old lady floating around the is creeping everyone out.  The one chick finds a decapitated head in her bag, and then almost gets abducted by some dude.  Man, this house is creepy as fuck!  Although, I swear all of this is happening when I am home alone.  It turns out that the floating old lady and some dude are the caretakers.  Sure.

The main guy is Lance Schroder, who is a test pilot, of course.  He and the young chick make fast friends, but Vincent’s wife has designs on Lance.  He is a test pilot!  He has to be brave and wicked in bed, right?

The caretakers take off early and lock the place up, therefore everyone is stuck in the house.  I am sure they could break a window or something, but then the movie would be pretty short.  Once they find out that they are locked in the house, Vincent gives everyone party favours, a gun.  Great idea!  This is a recipe for disaster.

The young chick loses her mind.  Apparently that head was not really there.  Of course there is a psychiatrist there who is convinced that she has hysteria and needs a sedative.  Typical.  I am sure it is just PMS.  I always see decapitated heads when Flo is coming to town.

The wife kicks the bucket.  The psychiatrist takes charge to figure out what the hell is going on.  They all decide to go to bed and sleep with their guns.

Geez, Prichard is a real stick in the mud.  Cheer up!  Have a drink!  Oh, wait, he has had many drinks.  He enjoys the booze, well, not really enjoys it.

Turns out the wife and psychiatrist were in cahoots and planned to get the young chick to murder Vincent.  Bitch!  Just goes to show, you can never trust a woman or a head headshrinker.  Don’t worry, they get theirs in the end.  A skeleton scares the wife, and she falls into the acid.  It sure is handy having that acid.  Maybe I need to put a vat of acid in the basement.  Turns out Vincent is on to their plan.  He is so smart.  A bit of a rough night for that guy.

It is cool how the movie opens.  A screaming girl.  It would have been super creepy in the theatre.

There was a remake of this movie in 1999.  I am not sure if I will watch it or not.  The original is so good!  I definitely want to watch all of Vincent’s movies.  I have seen ‘the tingler’, which was totally ridiculous and awesome!

House on haunted hill receives 5 screaming bitches out of a possible 5.


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