The prime of Miss Jean Brodie

The prime of Miss Jean Brodie (1969, Ronald Neame)

What IMDB says:

A headstrong young teacher in a private school in 1930s Edinburgh ignores the curriculum and influences her impressionable 12 year old charges with her over-romanticized world view.

My thoughts:

Straight off, this movie is such a ‘Mona Lisa Smile’ rip-off!  Except with a very young Maggie Smith instead of Julia Roberts.  The girls in ‘Mona Lisa Smile’ are older, but a lot of the same themes are apparent.  A teacher that is full of spirit, and who wants her students to be themselves by living up to their potential.

Miss Brodie is very unconventional.  She tells the students that she is in her prime, and that she is not going to waste it on petrification.   She asks the students to get their books out and have them poised so that if anyone comes in it looks as if they are learning history, but instead tells a story about Hugh, a lover (?) who died in the war.  How in the hell does this woman keep her job?!  She basically doesn’t do her job, ever!  How did she get through teacher’s college?

Miss Brodie, when not actually teaching children, spends her time being hit on by all the men and being hated on by all of the other chicks at the school.  Her milk shake DEFINITELY brings all of the boys to the yard.  Honestly, I think she is kind of bullshit.  Like, I get why the young girls like her.  She is romantic, and would seem so glamorous to young girls, but really she probably doesn’t know how to do laundry or boil an egg.  I think she is what sexist men think that women with educations are like.  I liked Maggie Smith better as Mrs. McGonagall in ‘Harry Potter’, Mother Superior in ‘Sister Act’, and of course, as Violet Crawley in ‘Downton Abbey’.  She has played many excellent roles since Miss Brodie in ’69.  Also, her Scottish accent is horrendous.  Surprisingly, Maggie won an Oscar for this role.

My favourite character is Sandy.  She pulls no punches, and her bullshit meter is good.  The art teacher/predator attacks poor Sandy by kissing her because she looked at him in a ‘wanton’ manner.  She was right about the painting, it did look like Miss Brodie not Jenny, he is as good at painting, as at being a husband: SHITE.  Also, Sandy’s style is on point.  I like her glasses and hair.  She definitely tries to give Miss Brodie a run for her money.

This movie illustrates exactly why I do not trust children, because they will throw you under the bus!  They see you making out with one art teacher, and then all of the secrets come out!

In the end, the shit hits the fan for Miss Brodie.  Apparently, she is not in her prime.  She gets fired, loses her lover to a 17 year old, Sandy, and then does not have the backing of ‘her girls’.  Sandy tells Miss Brodie off.  It is glorious.  So, pretty much the best ending, even though there were no explosions or decapitations.  Can’t have it all.  Miss Brodie did yell “assassin” at Sandy in a very, hysterical and dramatic way.  Sandy just walks away, like the bad-ass bitch she is.  Of course, in the end she does feel remorseful, but it only proves that she has more depth than that cartoon character, Miss Brodie.

The prime of Miss Brodie receives a 3.5 shite Scottish accents out of a possible 5, but Sandy gets a 10 out of 10 for being a bad-ass bitch, who proves that she will not be f’ed with.


Author: kristaskene

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