New theme for September!!

Well, it is time for a new theme. Star Wars was fun, but it is nice to change it up. The theme for the rest of September is Back to School! I thought it was fitting since it is September, and I am starting my last semester of university. Almost done!

The films I will be “reviewing” are:

  1. With honours
  2. Dead poet’s society
  3. Fame
  4. The prime of Miss Brodie

I think 4 movies should be good. I reserve the right to delete, (probably won’t happen), and add movies. I am going to try to keep my selections limited to 4 or 5. Doing all of the 7 Star Wars movies was a lot, and I am back in school, (ironically), so I will not have all of the time in the world to watch these school themed movies.

I hope that you enjoy my awful reviews that rip movies, which you may not have seen, to shreds. #savage

I give this post 3 sarcastic movie reviewers out of a possible 5.


Author: kristaskene

A movie, book, and music lover. I love to offer my, hopefully witty, and always sarcastic thoughts.

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